Spectra Helios R90 Marine
Spectra Helios R90 Marine 

Spectra Helios R90 Marine

  • Brand: Spectra
  • Product Code: M018-R90
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  • £439.99

The Spectra Helios R90 LED from Marine Farm is ideal for larger tanks. The ultra slim shaped light, with height adjustable bracket and hanging kit, allows for a centralised positioning over your aquarium, maximising the spread of the light.

The 6 Channel LED light is fully managed from your smart device, promoting good coral growth and color from your aquarium.  If you need additional lights over your aquarium, you can manage multiple Spheres all from your smart device.  Simply download the Spectra app from the app store related to your device.


Technical Information

  • 72 Highly efficient Cree XTE & XPE LEDs
  • 6 Channels
  • WiFi Control
  • Manual control on the light without app included
  • Aluminum housing
  • Ultra slim & noble body thickness - 23.5mm
  • Adjustable brackets and hanging kits (both included)
  • Manage the lights using iOS, Android and Windows devices
  • Intelligent temperature control fans with low noise and long life span
  • Control mutliple units at the same time
  • 3 in one lens with 97% transmittance, 90/120 degree secondary optical lens
  • High-powered supply unit (Meanwell), providing a contant and safe power feed
  • Suitable for 90cm to 120cm tank
  • Input AC110-240V
  • 240w
  • Weight 2.25kg (Shipping weight 4kg)
  • Smart fans and temperature control.
  • Easy clip onto tank.
  • Dimensions 850 x 200 x 24mm

Color ratio

  • C1: 24 x Cool White 8000k - 5W
  • C2: 24 x Royal Blue 450nm - 5W
  • C3: 10 x Blue 470nm - 3W
  • C4: 5 x Violet Epileds 420-430nm + 4 x Epileds 400-410nm - 3W
  • C5: 2 x Red 620nm - 3W
  • C6: 2 x Green 520nm - 3W
Debs 10/03/2023

What an wonderful light, this has made my corals stand out from the fish. I was running t5s before and what a difference this light has made, very happy with my purchase.

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