• Black Tomato Clownfish

Wild Tomato Clownfish is found in the Western Pacific. They are popular in salt water reef aquariums and will typically reach a length up to 5.5 inches. You will need at least a 20 gallon aquarium to house your Tomato Clownfish in, and the aquarium must be filled with lots of hiding places. Live rock growth is also advisable, since the Tomato Clownfish likes to graze. Wild Tomato Clownfish will try to find an anemone belonging to the species Heteractis crispa or Entacmaea quadricolor. Anemones can be quite difficult to keep alive in the aquarium, and your Tomato Clownfish will survive without one since you can keep the aquarium free from predators. If you give your Tomato Clownfish a new anemone from a new species, it will take several days before the fish has grown accustomed to the anemone. If you give your Tomato Clownfish a new anemone from the same species as the fish is already familiar with, no such adjustment period will be required. Keep in mind that some anemone species are unsuitable for Clownfish and will sting and injure the fish.

Tomato Clownfish can show some aggressive behaviours when it reaches maturity, especially towards other Clownfish. It is recommended to keep this fish alone or in mated couples. The Tomato Clownfish is an omnivore opportunist and will usually show a healthy appetite when kept in an aquarium. Provide your Tomato Clownfish with a varied and nutritious diet that includes meaty food types as well as some algae or algae based food. A high quality flake food designed for omnivore fish can be a good base. Feed your Tomato Clownfish 2-3 times a day.

The recommended water temperature when keeping Black Tomato Clownfish is 72-80° F (22-27° C), the pH-value should be kept in the 8.1-8.4 interval, and the specific gravity should be 1.020-1.025. A carbonate hardness of 8 - 12° dKH is ideal.

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Black Tomato Clownfish

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